im in the process of removing dead links and scouring the interwebs to find you guys new themes yay! while i do that - check out my new blog of the week

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heeeeeyyyyy so i know you don't do this but i REEEAALLLYYY can't find a theme that is LIKE syndex, there are none! I DARE YOU to find one.. I've checked to the best of my ability and I bet a lot of people are also looking for a scattered no column type theme.. thank you and sorry


sorry dear, but its rare that i login here anymore much less look at or for themes :(

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Atlas Designs 12 Days of Christmas Theme Giveaway
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totally one of my fav theme makers - i agree, check it out!

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Can you make a list of holiday themes? ;;


quick search gave me a whopping three themes to choose from. im sure there are more out there…perhaps some theme makers can respond if they are offering a holiday theme? 

here are the ones i found: x x x

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ive had quite a few messages lately asking for help to find a theme and as much fun as it sounds to help each and every one of you personally to find a theme - i wont. i cant. its a bit much to ask dontcha think? idk i wouldnt do it but thats just me. anywho, i will again post the text off my message page (which wasnt up and working and probably explains why so many “i want a theme with..” asks in my inbox lately but thats not the point here so lets move on)

If you aren’t a member of forged, you and I aren’t dating, or you have no shiny/glittery things to give me - then I highly doubt I will feel compelled to personally select themes for you. If, say, perhaps maybe… tumblr someday started to pay me for being so amazing…..then sure!! Absolutely I will help each and every one of you!

But they don’t. So tough shit, check the lists and find your own damn theme. 

i do love you all very much and i do love tumblr themes as well but providing over 2500 links to themes, resources, tutorials, and my overall amazing nonsense is all i have to offer…unless of course you wanna talk about those shiny/glittery things to give me….

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