hello :)

is this blog still useful to you guys? i am debating picking it back up again…

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heeeeeyyyyy so i know you don't do this but i REEEAALLLYYY can't find a theme that is LIKE syndex, there are none! I DARE YOU to find one.. I've checked to the best of my ability and I bet a lot of people are also looking for a scattered no column type theme.. thank you and sorry


sorry dear, but its rare that i login here anymore much less look at or for themes :(

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it has been 3 weeks since ive posted a list

oh em gee! im sorry folks, i do have new themes to share but life has been, idk, life-y lately, so i havent had the time. (this also applies to the unanswered asks that are piling up.) thank you all for being so patient, thanks for utilizing this blog as much as you do, and of course thanks to theme makers out there who learn how to code so we lazy asses dont have to. -selena

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find anymore holiday themes?!


havent had time to look im sorry

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We just launched our new theme site


Check it out!

totally one of my fav theme makers - i agree, check it out!

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Can you make a list of holiday themes? ;;


quick search gave me a whopping three themes to choose from. im sure there are more out there…perhaps some theme makers can respond if they are offering a holiday theme? 

here are the ones i found: x x x

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